March 27, 2007

Silicon Solar Inc. Introduces the InfraSol Solar Security Light! by Adam Farrell

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Silicon Solar Inc, a global leader in pioneering solar equipment, inventions, and producer of more than 300 distinctive solar solutions for homes and businesses, is elated by the release of their InfraSol Solar Security Light.

While being the global leader in solar solutions for businesses and home owners, Silicon Solar Inc is always creating new concepts and uses for solar powered products. One of those creations is their solar security light, the InfraSol Solar Security Light.

The InfraSol Solar Security Lights are exclusive to Silicon Solar Inc, and are designed for the easiest possible installation which requires a minimum of 5 minutes. The do-it-yourself assembly consists of locating the area where you would like to place this light, whether it be on a garage, barn, or even your house, use the mounting hardware provided to mount your light in its location. You can choose to leave the solar panel attached to the unit providing the panel will not be obstructed from the sun, or you can mount it up on a roof aproximatley 10 feet away from the unit.

Like most solar night time operation lights, this motion sensing light uses an internal, sealed lead acid battery which can provide up to 48 hours of illumination even in cloudy or overcast weather. This unit comes complete with a passive infra-red motion detector that works on a 110 degree horizontal sight. It can also detect movement 60-90 feet from the light and has three time settings on it you can choose from, ½ minute, 1 minute, and 3 minutes for the light to stay on when it detects motion. Silicon Solar has also incorporated a new panel with this light that is 11.8% more efficient to reduce the time it needs to charge. It also comes with a built-in protection circuit to prevent the unit from overcharging the battery.

“Dear Silicon Solar Representatives, I have recently purchased your InfraSol Motion Sensing Light. I am so happy that I purchased this from you. I am not a big DIY kind of guy and was actually thinking of purchasing a motion light and have a contractor install it for me. Then I saw the price of doing that and decided to find another solution. That was when I found your site. I was able to easily install this light and it only took me 10 minutes! This is a biggie for me as normally it takes me a day to do anything like this. I have it mounted on my garage and my wife comes home late at night. She was surprised I installed it myself and that it provides more light than the one we purchased from a local store that had to be “hard wired” in. Thank You for providing such a wonderful, cost free light. Miles S. Arizona”


These lights have barely been on the market and already, SiliconSolar is seeing a vast demand for them. At such affordable pricing, these lights give you the chance to purchase something that will, in time, pay for themselves.


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