March 27, 2007

Wise Women Make Millions on the Internet, Too by Steve Dahl

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Copyright (c) 2007 Steve Dahl

10 Steps to Prepare for Prosperity

My husband is an Internet marketing consultant and writer by the name of Steve Dahl. He’s the so-called author of this article. But forget him for a minute! This isn’t exactly forgery because I’m not hiding anything or doing anything illegal, I’ve just taken over his favorite boy toy (his laptop) for a few minutes to talk about work-at-home moms, women entrepreneurs, and Internet marketing for women. Steve just stepped away from his Internet I.V. to go do something manly for a while so I took it upon myself to commandeer his PC for a moment and submit this money making article for your consideration. It should read, in bold face all cap letters, “For Women Only.”

My name is Eileen Piersa. I am a business consultant. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Family Life Education. I have two Master’s degrees, one in Organization Development, one in Spiritual Psychology. I love coaching women-run businesses and seeing them succeed. But there are some patterns I’m seeing that need to be addressed before women can fully compete in that, please forgive me for saying it, manly world! I wrote the thesis for my first master’s degree about goal setting. I’ve helped women meet their weight loss goals while working with two major weight-loss companies. I’ve helped businesses and corporations of every size set and accomplish goals, not to mention the individuals I’ve coached along the way. I have plenty of experience and education around setting goals and running businesses so I want to share some of what I have learned with you.

Face it girlfriend, the message continues to be that you must be a man to make millions on the Internet! I’d like to change that. I’m talking about everyday Internet business opportunities that stay at home moms, working moms, or any woman can prosper from. I don’t care if you want to make an extra hundred bucks to pay for a movie and a dinner next month or you want to make millions and rule the world! Whoa, a woman ruling the world, now that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

A women’s intuition can come in very handy when screening the plethora of Internet marketing business opportunities that pop up with every Google search but before you evaluate the business opportunities you’ve got to evaluate your life. All the knowledge, skills, and resources in the world won’t help you if you are unclear about who you are, what you want and how you want your life to be.

Prepare for prosperity by acknowledging where you have been, integrating what you have learned and then deciding where you want to be. Here are some of the steps that I have found useful in helping women achieving their goals.

1. Review your history. Learn from but don’t beat yourself up with the lessons of your past. See every experience as another learning opportunity. You’ve been successful before, you can do it again.

2. Identify the times when you feel you’ve been at your best. Think of a time w you really experienced joy? What were the factors that contributed to that experience? How can you re-create some of those today?

3. Make a list of what you want to leave behind and what you want to take forward with you. Forgiveness and letting go of the past are very powerful tools for changing your life.

4. NOW – What do you want? First and foremost be clear. Write out your ideal life. Put details to it. Write it in the present tense like its happening today! The clearer you are and the more you know what you want – the more you will attract it to you.

5. Get unstuck. We often feel stuck when our vision isn’t clear. If you feel like you are on the hamster wheel – it’s because you don’t know where you are going. Change directions, try something different. Get off the hamster wheel. Break some patterns beginning right now.

6. Ask for what you want. If your answer is “I don’t know” then the Universe will deliver more of that. Ask the Universe for clarity and for the right people to come into your day to help you with your next step. Use whatever tools work for you. Meditation, prayer, and journaling are always effective ways to ask for clarity. There is a lot of power in stillness.

7. Do less. If you are overwhelmed – maybe you’re trying to do too much! Break your challenges or actions into bite-size pieces. Ask yourself, “What is the next step?” Then take it. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.

8. Be grateful. Thank the Universe at the end of every day – for all the people that helped you, for all the wisdom you gained, and for the wide variety of human experiences that come to teach us so much.

9. Make the decision. Make the decision to start that business, lose that weight, improve a relationship. Make the decision to achieve your goals no matter what. You don’t have to do it alone. Seek out friends who will challenge you and support you. Take classes, read books, go to seminars but discover the knowledge that is already available to support your decision to change your life.

10. Take one step each day. That’s 365 actions that put you closer to your goal!

If there is anything on this planet that has been achieved by another woman, then it can be achieved by you. Use today as the birth of a new life. If you struggle with the issues of being a busy parent, lack the education you think you need or just don’t have a clue where to start, please acknowledge yourself for taking the first step by reading this article and taking in new information. Prosperity is available to all of us. Don’t stop here.

I am a big proponent of owning your own business. I’ve owned my own consulting and marketing business with my husband for over 20 years now. Our business is evolving into more online work because it gives us the flexibility we desire and much greater opportunity in a global marketplace. Opening an online business is not difficult to do but it does take some effort. Here are a few of the benefits for your consideration.

Online Business Opportunities: 1. Little or no overhead (Just a PC and a little effort to start). 2. Make money while you sleep (The Internet never stops). 3. No management of other people (Automating your business is easiest online). 4. No cramping your lifestyle (Set your own working hours). 5. Unlimited revenue possibilities (It’s not free money but your business can easily grow once you figure out what works for you. The marketplace is huge). 6. Grow at your own pace (Your can easily control how fast or slow you grow). 7. Easy to find a product or service that fits your interest (Learn how to run your basic online business then select the topic or product that interests you most). 8. Sell other people’s systems, talents, products, and resources (You don’t need to have your own product to make a profit!). 9. Let others do the details (Let other companies do the packing and shipping or just about any thing else you can imagine.).

Once you become aware of the possibilities ahead it is simply a matter of choice whether or not you want to pursue them. That doesn’t mean it will be easy but it doesn’t mean it will be hard either. Begin preparing for prosperity today. Every journey begins with a single step. Let your journey toward prosperity begin right now!


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